We offer a number of services for businesses too, which can add revenue and increase your visibility. Read below in order to see what we offer.


QR Code Posters

Give your customers an easy, no download necessary way to stylize a photo. They just need to scan the QR code, upload the photo, choose the style, and in less than a minute, they will have a stylized photo downloaded to their phone. This is a great way to create extra revenue and increase your visibility. Read our fact sheet for details.

Batch Photo Operations

Need a lot of photographs stylized for your business? We have a solution. Upload the photographs you need stylized into a dedicated google drive folder, and within 24 hours, we will have a folder for each of those photographs which contains six different style options. This is a fast and efficient way to increase your revenue streams and provide a unique service to your customers. See our fact sheet for details.


We currently offer the ability to create ground breaking animated videos out of real life videos. While traditional animation can cost well over $20.00 per minute, we are able to make it financially feasible for people to animate their more significant life events. This is a tremendous value added service for any videographer type business, and is something others cannot offer. Weddings, graduations, proms, there are so many special events.

It is important to create ways to remember them. Look at our sample videos below, and download our fact sheet for more details on what we can offer businesses. Let us know if there are any questions. The first video is a real life film. The other following four are our house animation styles. We can take a color video from anyone’s special event, and turn it into a magical keepsake that will help people remember a special day.